Selling To Jewelry Buyers In Chicago: A Quick Guide

Many women and men now have a plethora of jewelry that they rarely wear. It may be outdated, old, broken, or something that was given to you who is no longer in your life. Whatever the reasons, you may decide to sell it and want to find buyers in Chicago who will give you a fair price and be a reputable dealer. While it can seem like an impossible task, there is hope and a few tips to help you along your way.

It’s Previously Owned

Whether you bought it new you or it was handed down as an heirloom, it is considered estate, which means previously owned. Some people will never buy such items because of superstitions or other reasons. You may find it best to deal with jewelry buyers that are part of a larger corporation or own a business. They will buy it from you and try to resell it, taking a lot of the pressure off you.


Some pieces are much easier to get rid of because they’re of the classic or traditional style. Pearls and gold are two of these types. You can never go wrong with a set of pearls or earrings because they’re always in style. However, some pieces, such as jade or other gems can be harder to offload. Many times, a business who buys and resells items will be more apt to buy yours.

Getting The Best Deal

It’s important to note that the condition of the piece and the cleanliness can affect the price. If it’s broken or almost worn out completely, you aren’t as likely to get a lot of money for it. Likewise, dirty pieces are usually worthless.

Jewelry buyers in Chicago can help you get rid of unwanted pieces and give you a little extra spending cash. Visit Chicago Gold Gallery now to learn more.

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