Romancing the Sex Drive

You may have tried just about everything when it comes to increasing your libido. You also may feel like in some cases it is completely hopeless. Maybe you eat a lot of oysters or give each other romantic massages. Sometimes even the normal stuff doesn’t seem to work anymore. Many couples are unaware of the different ways in which a woman’s libido can be increased even in the simplest of ways. Here are some ideas that may reignite your lady’s sex drive and get things back on track.

Challenge Yourself
Instead of taking a walk on the beach, take a surfing lesson or something else that may challenge or scare you. After you have been in an adrenaline-boosting situation, women tend to find men more appealing and alluring and have a significant boost in their sex drives. If you are having a romantic dinner, then you should switch your champagne for red wine as it is not only more romantic but provide women with a higher level of sexual desire after the dinner is over.

Try Some Yoga
Yoga has the ability to not only keep you mentally, physically, and emotionally focused, but it can also increase the blood flow in the genitals increasing a woman’s chance of having an amazing orgasm. Yoga has the ability to increase your libido and get the blood flowing throughout the body. You become more in touch with your body when you do yoga on a regular basis which makes you more capable of reaching orgasm during intercourse.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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