Narrowing Down The Best E Liquid Flavors Based On Personal Taste

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Shopping


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Going online and trying to determine which are the best e liquid flavors based on pictures of bottles can be a real challenge. To make it easier for consumers, the top online nicotine juice retailers put a lot of effort into accurately describing the flavors that are important in each type or blend of e-liquid they sell.

Finding your own personal preference is really a trial and error experience. There are some general strategies for breaking down different overall categories of flavors and then digging down deeper within those general flavor profiles to find ones that are particularly appealing.

For most people that enjoy vaping, the wide variety of flavors possible is one of the biggest factors in motivating people to switch from traditional to e-cigarettes.

Getting out and trying new flavors and blends is highly recommended as the way to find the best e liquid flavors for any time you want to vape.

Labeling and Names

You have heard the saying you can’t judge a book by its cover, and that is certainly the same with nicotine juice. Many of the brands and types of e-juice are not one specific flavor but rather a combination or a blend. These often have interesting names that have no relation whatsoever to the flavors you will experience.

There are also some manufacturers that create names and labels that are highly descriptive. For example, if you see an e juice that is labeled as strawberry shortcake, you can expect a rich strawberry flavor that is sweet yet also creamy. On the other hand, an e-juice called Dragon Scape is going to be much harder to identify what flavors you can expect.

Sweet or More Natural

Some of the best e liquid flavors for after dinner or with drinks are not the best flavors to enjoy during the day or when you are trying to relax and unwind.

Often people tend to enjoy the sweeter flavors as a regular vaping experience, and perhaps choose the bolder or more traditional tobacco types of flavors for after dinner or as a vape with their favorite beverage.

For a great anytime vape there are several types of nut and spice flavors that have a hint of sweetness without being overwhelming. Menthol and mint flavors are also popular for those after dinner vapes or for those that enjoy the taste of traditional tobacco.

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