Easy DIY Ways to Jazz Up Used Office Furniture in The Woodlands

by | Dec 24, 2014 | Furniture


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Looking for Used Office Furniture in The Woodlands but aren’t finding anything you love that fits your budget? Don’t forget that you can purchase cheap, uninspiring furniture and then turn it into something unique, and all you. Here are a few easy DIY ways to jazz up your used office desk. Use these same ideas for other office furniture.


Draw your own design on your desktop using Sharpie markers. They come in many colors and even metallic like silver, gold, and bronze. Go color crazy on the desk by drawing swirls, shapes, or draw figures. Seal the entire thing using a clear top coat so you can see the designs and not worry about smudging them.


Crumple up tissue paper and then uncrumple it. See how the paper now has textured lines? Glue the tissue paper to the top and/or drawers of your desk making sure to glue down every bit of the edges. Next, paint over the paper using any color paint you desire. The textured lines stick up slightly and create a neat texture on your desk.


Create simple, subtle stripes on your desk using the same colored paint except on satin and the other semi-gloss. The only difference between the two is the shine, but you’ll notice it. Paint the desk using the satin paint and let it dry. Place strips of painter’s tape on the desk in thick or thin stripes. Paint the desk again but with a semi-gloss paint. Remove the tape and you’ve got stripes.


Decorate the drawers of your desk using your favorite material. Choose any type of non-fuzzy material including cotton, satin, or silk. Glue the pieces of material to the drawers and cut off any excess. Go over the material with paint again to help seal it in place. The paint on the top also helps the color stay instead of fade over time.

With these ideas, you can take any low-cost Used Office Furniture in Woodlands and turn it into a one-of-a-kind office desk that fits your personality. Find your local used furniture dealer and Contact them to see what furniture they have to offer.

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