Benefits of Using Cookie Scoops

by | Dec 12, 2014 | Shopping


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Everyone loves to eat cookies because they are a special and individual treat. However, it can sometimes be difficult to make and bake your own cookies, though homemade are always better. If you find yourself going to the pre-made area of your grocery store to purchase already-made cookie dough in break-apart packages, you may want to consider cookie scoops instead. While you will still need ingredients to make the dough, you can have homemade cookies quickly and easily by using a cookie scoop.


No matter what size cookie you need or want, you can find a scoop that fits your needs. Of course, most cookies grow as they bake, due to the baking soda inside, but you can ensure that the cookie is the size you need. Most companies offer different sizes of scoops, including a 7/8 ounce all the way up to a two and 5/8-inch scooper.

You may choose to purchase one of each size or choose the size that works best for you. Smaller scoops mean that you have smaller cookies, meaning you can make more cookies for the dough you have, which works well for parties and events. If you want big, round cookies like you can purchase at the grocery store, consider a larger scoop.


Most people dislike baking because their finished product doesn’t look uniform. One cookie may be excessively large while the other is tiny. Some people enjoy the different sizes while others prefer a more uniform look. Uniformity will also help the cookies bake the same. Many times, you pull out your finished cookies to see that the smaller ones are crunchy and tough while the larger ones are still doughy. Scoops will help you divide the dough evenly and create an even baking time.

Help Slim Down

Purchasing small cookie scoops will mean that you have a smaller finished product. Each cookie will be the same size and shape, so you know that they are both the same amount of calories. Of course, willpower is also required so you don’t sit and eat the entire batch of cookies you just made, but smaller portions are a great advantage of using scoops.

Professional Look

Whether you are a professional baker or not, it always brings out a sense of pride when the finished product looks like it is supposed to. Most people get discouraged when their cookies and other goodies don’t turn out right, so you could feel better about your abilities by using a cookie scoop at NY Cake.

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